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Happy Customers

I am in love with this.

Oh my goodness, I love this. It did exactly what it was made for ln very hot weather...KEPT ME COOL! It's just the one that I wanted to wear thank you

---Roy C. about 2022 New Beret Newsboy Cap

I ordered 3 for mine and gifts. love it.

The cleaning of the front window will be much easier . I am only a small person and find the front window too far away , so the long handle and cleaning head are great .

My families like this holder they use it every time we’re going outside in the car.

I bought these for cars. Everybody loved them. Very practical!!
Easy 2 use!

These are absolutely great!! No more messy grills for us

No more messy grills for us!! And yes they will go in the dishwasher, I just don't let them go through the heat cycle. Cooks great. Everyone should have these especially after hearing that using a brush can let bristles get caught on the grill and can be swallowed. That's extremely harmful. Get you some and quit worrying about cleanup. My grills (and yes I have 4) look brand new. 

---Lynn about Non-stick BBQ Baking Mats, 4 pcs

Work Great! Highly recommend!!

Mosquitoes like to bite my whole family, so I bought these patches to protect us. It is very easy to put them anywhere and they work pretty good - no more mosquito bites! I stick them on shoes, legs and arms and it helped a lot. Since I’ve bought the patches, I always keep some of them in my bag and in a car. Very handy.

---Jason A. McGregor about Mosquito Repellent Patch - Natural Formula

Nice environmental friendly produce bags.

These are great!! I've tried not putting my produce in bags but they seem to come home damaged or dry out when I put them in my vegetable crisper. These bags preserves my veggies nicely and wash up easily and ready to re use. You can have a bag for your produce and not have to feel guilty for damaging the environment. Everyone really should be using these.

---Erin Mahoney about Ecological and Reusable Portable Bag, 12 Pieces